Will We Walk Across Lake Erie?

Will We Walk Across Lake Erie?

On our endless journey to cement our legacy as high-octane people we are always brainstorming stunts. Our most recent being scheming a walk across Lake Erie. No, not like Jesus did in the Bible but on ice. Yes, you read that correctly, we have been scheming a walk across Lake Erie if it were to freeze over completely.


This has been done before but it is very rare, as it takes extensive survival and cold weather training. In fact, one of the latest attempts resulted in a helicopter rescue in the middle of the lake. Walking across the lake is a feat so rare and renowned that it would certainly cement our legacy in Erie, PA, as the two individuals who were rescued received recognition from the U.S. House of Representatives for even trying!  


 The shortest route from the shore of Erie, PA to Canada is 24.3 miles. Some may see this number and immediately back out. But it’s people like us who take the time to assess the true viability of attempting such a stunt. Keep in mind, were not only putting on stunts to promote a spiked protein company but also to someday have “Badass” in our Wikipedia descriptions.


First things first, we are all capable of walking 24.4 miles in a day. If we were to average 25 minutes a mile, we could complete the walk in just over 10 hours, giving us ample time to not have to walk in the dark. Next, comes the consideration of the terrain of a frozen lake that spans such a large distance. When such a large body of water freezes over a long period of time it allows structural compromises to be frozen in, such as cracks or hollow dunes. Conditions like this is why the coast guard strongly advises against such a stunt. So, before our walk we will have to learn different ice condition and what to watch for before we go.


While we remain full prepared to set across a frozen lake, this stunt is unfortunately contingent on the entirety of Lake Erie having at least 4 inches of ice across it. With 80% of Lake Erie currently covered in ice and no end in sight to the sub-freezing temperature, we might be looking at a real chance to walk across Lake Erie and live to chug Spiked Protein afterwards.

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