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So What is Spiked Protein?

8% ABV and 11g protein per 16oz drink. It has a light texture and tropical fruit taste.

Uncarbonated with a slightly sweet, juice-like feel and NOT THICK.

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buy protochol spiked protein drink

Why Drink Spiked Protein?

Designed for high octane people with active lifestyles who want to enjoy themselves, but also seek protein content to refuel.

Work hard so that you can play hard!

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buy protochol spiked protein drink

When should I drink this?

Protochol is designed to get your night or weekend started. Maybe you don't want to go out on an empty stomach, just exercised before the bars, finished a 5k or bike race.

Or maybe you're just seeking more daily protein content- give it a try.

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buy protochol spiked protein drink

Refuel & Start Your Night

With 8% ABV and an easy to drink fruit flavor, Protochol is a prime first drink of the night. Own the pregame.

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buy protochol spiked protein drink

no more lame flavors

Everyone and their mother makes the same drink flavors. Lemon lime, mango, black cherry...they're all the same.

We're stiff arming that with three exotic flavors: Swoleberry, Orange County, and Pineapple Pump

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