Our Mission: To create the perfect drink for active people with work hard, play hard lifestyles.

Protochol Beverage is pioneering spiked protein beverages.

Born from just a few dudes in Erie, Pennsylvania. Spiked Protein is suited for people who love to stay fit, but also want to enjoy themselves and don't take themselves too seriously. People who want more protein but also enjoy alcoholic beverages. Pineapple Pump, Swoleberry and Orange County are the first flavors available. Our beverages are packaged in 16oz cans with 8% ABV and 11 grams protein per serving. These drinks are uncarbonated and easy to consume. Protochol is now available in select US states. The only thing we care about is creating a high octane drink for high octane people. Our drink is for the bravest of people who flaunt their savagery by drinking fearless products like ours. 

We’ll never do things just because everyone else is. We’re building something people want to be a part of, not just another basic boring corporate brand. We're building a legion of fans with high octane in their DNA. Love us or hate us, you'll sure as hell remember spiked protein. We are going to do this how we want and would rather burn up than settle for mediocre corporate status quos. If we just copy what everyone else is doing, we're better off living in a simulation. If it doesn't scare the living hell out of you then it's not worth doing.
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