What Even is 100% Unnecessary?

100% Unnecessary. We’ve been making it a big deal since the beginning of summer 2020, so what is it? Well quite frankly it’s our way of being completely self-aware and transparent with the world. Let’s be honest, does alcohol and protein mixed for the mass market make sense? Absolutely not. But neither does 90% of the trendy, overpriced products we consume daily.


We will always stand by our allegiance to how our product is unnecessary but at least we acknowledge it. Unlike other products who will try to convince you that you NEED their low sugar, “healthy” drink to feel better about yourself. We will continue to blow up shit up and scream “THIS IS SPIKED PROTEIN” merely just as an attention grab, as we acknowledge our ‘stunts’ are just as unnecessary as our drink.


At the end of the day we some white space in the beverage industry, as an alcoholic protein drink does not currently exist, so we had to strike. Knowing this concept is 100% unnecessary we gladly leaned into the fact that we needed to build a brand that people want to be a part of.


So, what is 100% Unnecessary? You tell me.

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