We Make Drinks That You Want, Not What's Easy

What’s the point of making a spiked protein drink? It’s simple. It’s more about the “why”, than the “what.” The “why” has become so lost in the alcoholic beverage marketplace. But it’s not lost on us. All of these old, crusty, large companies rush to get a "popular" drink on the shelves. They become so preoccupied with “trends” and copying their competition, that the art of designing a drink that people actually want is totally lost. 


Just because store shelves have an endless variety of plain light beers, regular hard seltzers, or heavy flavored malt beverages...that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what the consumers want.  It's just those drinks are what the system incentivizes. Those are just the same old, same old and will remain there until companies like us are willing to take huge risks. The marketplace and system of large alcohol beverage producers incentivizes quantity, not quality. It’s about easy, not creating a good taste. That's flat out wrong. We're out to change that.


The system encourages getting drinks on the shelves as quickly as humanly possible at the cheapest possible cost with the least possible effort. From an efficiency standpoint, that clearly makes sense. But from your perspective, as the customer, it couldn’t make less sense. When you select your alcoholic beverages, you don’t pick them because they fit the “system.” You buy them because they taste good and they interest you. And yes, sometimes drinks made to fit the “system”, do end up being good products. But you’re not going to find the truly unique, risk taking drinks from the “system.” You’ll find the wild cards, the game changers from renegades like us. We make our decisions based upon what you want, not based on what the “system” is doing. Otherwise, what's the point of getting into this in the first place? Remember that. 

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