The Shamrock Shake: Toothpaste or Dessert?

The Shamrock Shake: Toothpaste or Dessert?

Is the shamrock shake just good tasting Colgate or a delicacy? Its popularity seems to come more from its branding rather than the taste of the shake itself. The color, the holiday, the name, and all of that branding has nothing to do with the drink itself. The shamrock shake has that “cool factor” since it’s associated with St Patricks day. Which makes it unpopular to hate on it. But let’s cut straight to the chase. Shamrock Shakes taste identical to Colgate mint flavored toothpaste, just in liquid form. Not hating on people who enjoy a nice dessert of Colgate, but at least admit to the similarities with a Shamrock Shake. 

St Patrick’s day and Shamrock Shake season only comes once a year, so if you want to enjoy that, fine. Do whatever you want to do. But if you do, at least just admit that you like the taste of Colgate.

We at Protochol Beverage vow not to make drinks closely resembling oral health products. Nor will we make drinks which taste like shampoo, not naming names. If you want drinks that don’t taste like drinks, we’re not your people. If you want drinks tasting like the Target dental aisle or hair care aisle, go elsewhere.

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