Spiked Protein's First Super Bowl

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, regardless of whether you give a damn about the game itself: we know that you're stoked for the advertisements. While Protochol Beverage unfortunately will not be gracing national TV with a commercial this Sunday night, we will not be slowing down our content at all. We assure you. Spend your commercial breaks with us, not them. Anyways, who even cares about cable or traditional advertising anymore? Sure there will probably be a few advertising gems on CBS this Sunday from GoDaddy showing nerds making out with supermodels or Skittles with odd sexual messages, but if you want to find high octane content- cable ads are not the place for it. We all know it: 90% of super bowl commercials this Sunday will be lame as hell and scream "boomer" or "corporate." So spend your commercial breaks with us, not them.



You'd rather scroll through Instagram or Twitter to watch entertaining, unique pictures and videos...not be bombarded with 3 minutes of Cialis or Viagara ads for every 10 minutes of actual content on cable. If you'd prefer that, go ahead and hang out with the boomers. We're building a brand that entertains through totally unnecessary content, not one that force feeds ShamWow ads and painfully corny commercials. Would you rather watch us detonate toilets or watch Flo from progressive blab about car insurance premiums? The old guard of corporations is crusty, stale and no one cares about them. So spend your commercial breaks with us, not them.


This new movement of companies like us, is busy bursting through norms like cheetahs on energy drinks. Roll with Protochol, not Papa John (who has more than his fair share of other problems we'll let you explore on your own time). We will never do things just because that's the way "everyone else does it." That's a recipe for failure, not a recipe for revolutionizing the alcohol beverage industry like we're doing. High protein drinks have been around forever, but not an alcoholic protein drink. Active lifestyle or not, spiked protein is here for you. That's enough of a sales pitch for now. Protochol Beverage will live and die with fearless, wild content not with archaic advertising. Because remember, we're not going to make it unless we give the people what they want. So, spend your commercial breaks with us, not them. We won't let you down.

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