Spiked Protein? REALLY?!?

First, lets start off with what is Spiked Protein exactly? Well, it is what it sounds like, an alcoholic protein drink. Sort of like a non-carbonated seltzer meets a protein scoop. The ingredients are mixed together by mad scientist, in perfect ratios, to satisfy Brads, Chads and Brittney's alike.

So, now on to the important question, why spiked protein? Our answer, why the hell not. We looked around and saw nothing like this existed and decided the world could no longer be deprived of such genius. so we decided to bring this concoction to life and into the hands of people just like you.  You may find yourself asking questions like "Is this necessary?" or "Is this high octane". To that we say, it is 100% unnecessary and high octane.

Spiked Protein is the next big thing in the drink industry. It is high octane, 100% unnecessary. It gets the people going. That is why we chose Spiked Protein. So join the wave, chose spiked protein with us.

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