Snowed in? Enter Spiked Protein.

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Let’s be honest these vicious weather cycles aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Especially as the Earth’s weather patterns go bonkers even more. So what the hell are you supposed to do with your time? Beer and liquor sales boomed during the pandemic when people were stuck inside. The same thing often happens during brutally cold winters. That doesn’t mean people are just in a hurry to drink their sorrows away. But probably means people are just looking for something to do and pass the time during their boredom.


Now, if you aren’t already bored enough just by sitting inside- you’re probably incredibly bored of just drinking the same old basic lame beers. Or the same old seltzer’s. So take a risk. Test out some spiked protein. Yeah it might taste like junk if it’s homemade. But it’s better than never taking a chance. We can’t wait until we can help fix your boredom when spiked protein hits the shelves. Get ready, because we’re coming in flying like a spider monkey.

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