Out with Lame Drinks, In With Spiked Protein

Can we just admit once and for all how lame most party drinks and snacks are? The Super Bowl reminded us just how boring the same old, same old stuff is. Enough of the buffalo chicken dip, the generic grocery store chocolate chip cookies, and  the cheese & crackers. Enough of the Sprite two-liters and enough of the Coca Cola cans. Chill with the grade school pizza party nonsense. Those snacks are meant for kids who don't use deodorant and don't comb their hair. We can't take these lame options anywhere, enough already! The human race needs innovation, not stale foods & drinks that've been around since cavemen. Enter, spiked protein. It's about as far away from bland as you can possibly get. Protein + Alcohol! You'll get some sustenance AND a buzz!

Why spend dozens and dozens of dollars on buying wings, burgers, and a bunch of beers...when you can slash those costs way down by getting spiked protein? And do you really want to be that guy or that girl who rolls up to a party with a two liter of Dr. Pepper or a case of lame cheap beer? Is that the legacy you want? If you're a low octane person, then yeah you probably do want that. But for us adventurers who want to leave a high octane legacy, we'll opt for spiked protein.

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