If We Can't, Nobody Will

Pretty simple. If the three of us don't muster up the grit to take on the whole beverage industry with a ground breaking product -- nobody will. Spiked Protein is a risk few are willing to take, not even by few individuals, but by every major beverage house. 


The lack of innovation in the beverage industry is astonishing. Oh, another seltzer? Who would've thought? Oh, another brewery with 2x IPA? Great, just what we need. 


What about the Spiked Protein's of the world? We need innovation in tech, transportation, and every industry you can imagine but the beverage industry has been neglected.

That's where we come in, the brave souls that dare disrupt (yea buzz word city) the beverage industry with innovation. We know the White Claw's and the Bud Light's might laugh at our risk now but we'll be the ones laughing when they're trying to knock off our drink.


Come and get it big beverage.

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