Does Protochol Accept Bitcoin?

Does Protochol Accept Bitcoin?


We cannot confirm nor deny whether Protochol will or will not be accepting Bitcoin in the future. If purchasing Spiked Protein by itself wasn’t high octane enough, how about purchasing it with Bitcoin? (And other cryptocurrencies to be fair to DogeCoin). We refuse to be the old “get off my lawn” guys only accepting dollars. We must embrace change! The crypto wave is here so might as well ride it. Yes, accepting cryptocurrency as payment is the epitome of 100% Unnecessary. And unnecessary is who we are. 

No twenty two year old Brad, Chad, Brittney or Ashley should be robbed of the chance to buy Protochol apparel with Bitcoin. That’d be just unethical. It’d be immoral. It’d be flat out wrong. We made a pledge to never stop doing unnecessary things, and we are standing by that. Why would you even bother buying shirts with cryptocurrency when you can just pay with your credit? Our only answer is: why not?

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