Curling: High Octane or Low Octane?

In this edition of high octane or low octane, we're tackling curling. Yes, that sport where people look like they're just mopping the floor. Is it just merely professional janitor-ing or is it a work of art to admire? Does it belong in the Olympics or is it meant for old folks homes? We hate to cop out, but it probably is mid octane.

The forearm strength of the curlers is astonishing, but their agility is not. It requires hardly any training or conditioning, but that's also the beauty of it. It's a sport that even couch dwellers can excel in. But it's also a sport that heavy duty weightlifters are tailor made for. There's a fit for everyone. It's certainly not as high octane as spiked protein, but it's worthy of our attention.

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