WAIT, Spiked Protein isn't a joke?

Now that we've completed our drink flavor development, some of you are probably left wondering: so spiked protein actually isn't a joke? We can't blame anyone for thinking Protochol Beverage was running a satirical account or that the Founder Fathers of Spiked Protein were dragging people along for an elaborate ruse. There's no sense running from that as we'd rather face it head on.


Official Announcement

It's fair to consider the idea of spiked protein to be absurd and better suited as an SNL skit than a real product. That's totally fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. We're going to keep rolling either way and will never take your support lightly. Even if you have negative feedback, please send every ounce of it our way! Negative feedback helps us know we're not living in a fantasy world and giving the people what they want. But we're pouring in buckets of time to build drinks that appeal to both men and women of all different ages. We're pouring in buckets of time to develop flavors that taste refreshing and enjoyable. We're pouring in buckets of time to build a brand that isn't fake but actually listens and learns to what you really want. We're going to keep pouring in those late nights because inventing a product people want requires a sociopathic commitment. We're not sociopaths but we'll keep working like sociopaths to deliver you drinks you'll enjoy. 

Spiked Protein might be stranger than fiction but it's realer than any Kardashian could dream to be.

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