Brawl on the Bay?

So after seeing Rough n Rowdy from Barstool's smashing success, it's resoundingly clear that America still has an massive appetite for fighting entertainment events. No, not Roman Coliseum type violence with lions manhandling people. But good ole fashioned organized, competitive fighting and contact sports. NFL games dwarf the ratings of all other cable TV shows combined year after year. The UFC's octagon exhibitions went from 0-100 seemingly overnight turning into an international sensation. The freaking Paul Brothers are YouTubers, not fighters, and yet convince millions of Americans to spend money to watch their nonsense fights! Professional & amateur fights and contact sports don't ever seem to lose their appeal.


boxing match


So should we, the Founding Fathers of Spiked Protein, capitalize on this? How about a floating boxing ring on Lake Erie or a floating octagon for cage fights? Imagine this: a Saturday night boxing event extravaganza on a boat with live EDM DJs and an open bar of spiked protein? Maybe even fire shows, extreme circus acts and unlimited Applebees. We're pretty much talking a primetime boxing event merged with a wild yacht party. Is all of this 100% Unnecessary? Yes, but that's the only way we roll. We'd love to hear any of your ideas for high octane events we can host.

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