Feb 17, 2021

Curling: High Octane or Low Octane?

In this edition of high octane or low octane, we're tackling curling. Yes, that sport where people look like they're just mopping the floor. Is it just merely professional janitor-ing or is it a work of art to admire? 

Feb 13, 2021

Does Protochol Accept Bitcoin?

We cannot confirm nor deny whether Protochol will or will not be accepting Bitcoin in the future. If purchasing Spiked Protein by itself wasn’t high octane enough, how about purchasing it with Bitcoin? (And other cryptocurrencies to be fair to DogeCoin).

Feb 13, 2021

We Make Drinks That You Want, Not What's Easy

What’s the point of making a spiked protein drink? It’s simple. It’s more about the “why”, than the “what.” The “why” has become so lost in the alcoholic beverage marketplace. But it’s not lost on us. 

Feb 12, 2021

Will We Walk Across Lake Erie?

On our endless journey to cement our legacy as high-octane people we are always brainstorming stunts. Our most recent...

Feb 11, 2021

Spiked Protein? REALLY?!?

First, lets start off with what is Spiked Protein exactly? Well, it is what it sounds like, an alcoholic protein drin...

Feb 10, 2021

Office Small Talk= 1,000% Unnecessary

Everything about office small talk is fake, forced and uncomfortable. You will never see lame as hell small talk from Protochol. Low octane? We've never met her. If it's not high octane, you sure as hell won't see it from us.

Feb 9, 2021

Out with Lame Drinks, In With Spiked Protein

Can we just admit once and for all how lame most party drinks and snacks are? The Super Bowl reminded us just how bor...

Feb 8, 2021

What Even is 100% Unnecessary?

We will always stand by our allegiance to how our product is unnecessary but at least we acknowledge it. Unlike other products who will try to convince you that you NEED their low sugar, “healthy” drink to feel better about yourself. We will continue to blow up shit up and scream “THIS IS SPIKED PROTEIN” merely just as an attention grab, as we acknowledge our ‘stunts’ are just as unnecessary as our drink.

Feb 7, 2021

Brawl on the Bay?

So should we, the Founding Fathers of Spiked Protein, capitalize on this? How about a floating boxing ring on Lake Erie or a floating octagon for cage fights? Imagine this: a Saturday night boxing event extravaganza on a boat with live EDM DJs and an open bar of spiked protein?

Feb 6, 2021

Top 5 Brands of the 2000s

You didn't choose the Aeropostale life, it chose you. If you were one of those people, we can forgive it because we've all been there. But I think we're probably better off forgetting about those days than reminiscing about them.

Feb 5, 2021

It's Friday

Happy Friday. Enjoy some spiked protein drinks.

Feb 4, 2021

Spiked Protein's First Super Bowl

Would you rather watch us detonate toilets or watch Flo from progressive blab about car insurance premiums? The old guard of corporations is crusty, stale and no one cares about them. So spend your commercial breaks with us, not them.
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